Artlantic: Wonder Exhibit – Atlantic City’s Newest Attraction

November 19, 2012
Atlantic City, NJ by Lance Fung

New Attraction – Located between Indiana ave and MLK Blvd, enter from the boardwalk!

One of the coolest public art parks in the world arrives in Atlantic City and is being guided by legendary art curator Lance Fung.  What could be better than a World Renown Outdoor Art Park called “Artlantic”?  Artlantic is a 5 year project that utilizes underdeveloped land in Atlantic City and converts it into green space and unique art exhibits.

The overall project will be rolled out in phases, the first two of four are almost complete and ready for viewing.  Phase I is named “Wonder”,  a beautiful open space art park located at the boardwalk on the former site of the Sands Casino.  Phase II is called Wonder – “‘Etude Atlantis” and is an amazing artistic display located near the Tropicana Casino at Iowa Ave and the boardwalk.

Wonder Exhibit

The “Wonder Exhibit” is located in a large area between Martin Luther King Blvd and Indiana ave, you can enter from the boardwalk.  It includes three dedicated displays, all from different artists.  The idea is to walk through the park and explore each area, it’s a unique setting unlike any other similar park.


This first of three exhibits is called “Words” and features creatively landscaped land with deep and thoughtful words displayed on lush green grass, created by Robert Barry.   It’s very unique and truly amazing presentation, words like Passion, Imagine and Purpose are strategically placed to provoke thought.

Pirate Ship

Created by sisters, Liya and Emilia Kabakov, a cool Pirate Ship exhibit was built on the sand with cool barrels etc, as you stare into this display, it is completely open to your interpretation.  I see a shipwrecked group of pirates surrounding the wooden structure.


Artist and sculpture Kiki Smith’s exhibit is a statue of a women gracefully holding a deer, she originally created this piece in 2003, the sculture is called “Her”.

 Art Exhibit 1 – “Wonder” – Art Park & Exhibits open space manicured park setting at Indiana Ave and the Boardwalk (Between Bally’s and Resorts Casinos) FREE ACCESS

Art Exhibit 2 – Wonder: Etude Atlantis a painted optical Illusion located at Iowa and California Ave at the Boardwalk (Close to the Tropicana Casino Resort) FREE ACCESS

The entire project is being lead by legendary curator Lance Fung and funded by the Atlantic City Alliance. Visit Their Official Blog for updated news, information and videos and to learn more about the artists and curator. Here:

If you’re looking for something fun to do in Atlantic City for FREE, this is for you.  Have fun and enjoy these new activities at the Jersey Shore.  Check out this YouTube video that explains the entire program.

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