World’s Largest Pipe Organ is in Atlantic City

Atlantic City Pipe Organ

World’s Largest Pipe Organ at Boardwalk in Atlantic City, NJ

Did you know the World’s Largest Pipe Organ is located in Atlantic City, New Jersey?  This is a pretty amazing and significantly historic attraction in Boardwalk Hall or old Convention Hall in the resort town located at the Jersey Shore.

The  Midmer-Losh Organ located in the Main Auditorium of Historic Boardwalk Hall formerly Convention Hall has been recognized by The Guinness Book of World Records as the largest musical instrument, the loudest musical instrument and the largest pipe organ ever constructed, The GBWR also recognizes the Grand Ophicleide 16 feet in the Pedal Right division to be the loudest organ stop in the entire world.  The historic intrument plays host to countless visitors from all over the globe annually as a tourst attraction in Atlantic City and is still displayed in the upper level of Boardwalk hall. The organ took more than two years to build and was designed by Emerson L. Richards, he drew the entire layout, and listed the sounds it should produce upon completion – a phenomenal feat in itself. It was contracted and built by the Midmer-Losh Organ Company of Long Island, NY. It was constructed between 1929 and 1932 and represents a masterpiece in musical instrumentation.

Although there has never been an official count made of the pipes that make up the massive organ, the estimate is between 32,000 – 33,000. These pipes vary in size from small to massive. The smaller pipes produce the softer, higher pitched sounds, while the larger pipes produce the lower pitch, but higher volume. The amazing thing is that the organ isn’t in one place, the pipes are housed in eight chambers arranged in opposite pairs on the left and right of the Boardwalk Hall’s Main Auditorium. Four chambers are situated near the stage and four more are positioned in the middle of the room, including two in the ceiling. The eight blowers are stretigically positioned in basement and produce some 36,000 cubic feet of wind per minute. A number of other rooms through the hall, house relays, switches, and other electrical components.

Atlantic City's World's Largest Pipe Organ!

The volume of the air that moves through the massive pipes is enough to allow the organ to be heard throughout the 41,000 square feet of space. The eight blowers that produce the wind for the organ are housed in the basement of the auditorium. The remaining electrical parts of the organ are located in various other rooms in the auditorium.  The construction of the organ, the size, and the volume of sound it produces makes it the only one of its kind in the world. Notably, it has a stop that is the loudest in the world, producing a sound six times louder than the loudest train whistle.

At one point, the organ was deteriorating, and not completely functional. But, thanks to ACCHOS (Atlantic City Convention Hall Organ Society), the organ is now being restored so that it can be played once again. Not all of the work is finished, but additional pieces are coming in on a regular basis. The organ can now be played and is worth a visit while in Atlantic City, NJ on Vacation.

Who could known that the Largest Pipe Organ in World was located in Atlantic City, NJ, pretty cool historic fact!  Add this to your list of tours and attractions to see when you visit: Tours take place on Tuesday’s Only at 10 am sharp, first come to the main entrance of Boardwalk Hall.  Other days are available for groups by appoinment only call 609-348-7000 Admissio nis $20 / person.

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