Hurricane Sandy Update! Atlantic City Not Damaged as Bad as News Reports

No Damage to Main Boardwalk and Casino Area

This is a Photo of the Boardwalk in Atlantic City after the storm! No damage to the casino and tourist area of the city! Worst area hit is North End of the resort town.

As a local here in Atlantic City, I’ve watched countless hours of television coverage regarding Hurricane Sandy and the associated storm flooding damage.  Most of the coverage I saw, was focused on the north end of Atlantic City also known as the inlet.

The news stations concentrated heavily on eight blocks of boardwalk situated in the far North East corner of Atlantic City, NJ.  One very important fact to make known is; this area of Boardwalk located i the inlet, was already scheduled for demolition and restructuring, construction work on this area was slated for December 2012.

In other words, the damaged section of boardwalk shown over and over again on TV was old and dangerous before Hurricane Sandy approached and hit the Jersey Shore.   The other important fact is; this particular area of the resort town is nowhere near the casino and tourism district or the center of of the city.

The north end inlet area was damaged back in May 2012,  The Press of Atlantic City reports the story here to confirm this fact that.  Check Out The Proof Here!  Upon further review; the boardwalk area in front of the casino hotels was not damaged much at all.  The world famous wooden walkway was in tact and fully passable with only some minor sand damage and a decent amount of beach and dune erosion.  Contrary to the stories reported on TV, the tourism area of town will be fully operational and the casinos will be open Friday safe, secure and ready for business.

What part of town was hardest hit?

There are three main ways into Atlantic City, the AC Expressway, Route 40 Black Horse Pike and Route 30 White Horse Pike.  The Expressway is totally fine and no real damage was identified, the Albany ave / Black Horse Pike entrance experience some flooding and minor damage near Bader Field.  The area hit reasonably hard was Route 30, the northern entrance to the resort town.  Pictures shown online here, were revealing as to what was happening during the storm!

The majority of the cities damages were on the north end as mentioned above.  The Inlet section is the furthest Northern point in Atlantic City bordering both the Atlantic Ocean and Absecon Inlet.  Water levels in this area rose 10 feet plus and damaged the old stretch of boardwalk as well as several homes.

A neighboring town to Atlantic City on the other side of Absecon Inlet is called Brigantine, NJ, it is also a barrier Island.  The destruction in this beach community is significantly worse than just about any other town in the state of New Jersey.  Yesterday President Obama took a tour of Brigantine with Governor Chris Christie to assess the situation.

Here is my opinion on why Atlantic City was spared in the primary tourism area near the casinos and boardwalk is.  My view is that the eye of the storm traveled directly over the city and the outer bands of the storm continued to pound the northern regions, while the four hour eye of the storm was passing over the beach resort.  In other words the just after landfall, the eye gave Atlantic  City four hours of no wind and rain as cities, north and south took a pounding.

Summing it all up, the main visitors area of Atlantic City is safe and only minor damage have occurred.  This means you can be assured to have a great time in town after Hurricane Sandy, we guarantee it.

Video Proof Atlantic City Escaped Major Damages in Tourism District!

Check this out!  Atlantic City Coverage Starts at 13:18 in this Press of AC Video, sand on the boardwalk in some areas but that was it.  You can also see two NEW VIDEOS of the boardwalk from November 1. 2012.  No Damage to Casino Area Boardwalk At All!

Atlantic City Not Hit Bad At All!

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