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Tips for a Successful Wedding in Atlantic City

Obtaining a marriage license in Atlantic City and having your wedding at the South Jersey Shore is a little different than flying to Vegas, signing a few papers and wa-lah you're joined in matrimony.  An Atlantic City Wedding requires a bit of planning, for this reason we want to make easy for you.  the plan for wedding chapel is still in development  for a location inside the Pier at Caesars, we will keep you posted.

Atlantic City, New Jersey is perfect for having a memorable wedding, bachelorette and bachelor party all on the same weekend.  Many couples dream of having a wedding on the beach, South Jersey beaches are perfect from May - October.  Take a look at the following steps necessary to plan your wedding, Have Fun!

Choose a date, be sure to have 2 or 3 dates to start, you want to be sure nothing big is happening in Atlantic City that can make life difficult for you! Here's the Convention Calendar and Events Calendar for your reference!

Make your Hotel Reservations, believe it or not, this is the toughest part of the wedding planning process.  How many rooms will I need, how much money can we / our guests afford to spend, can we get a suite etc? Our group department, we'll assist you through the entire process, we'll even give several different options for your guests based on price, don't worry be happy!  AC Groups Department

Find an ordained minister or priest to perform the ceremony.  During the busy summer seasonal months, couples have had a difficult time finding someone to perform the ceremony for them. Those who can perform a marriage ceremony include a member of the clergy or ordained minister, a mayor or municipal court judge. Our recommended minister is Main Event Wedding Planning.  The details can be found here!

Make sure you have all of the necessary documentation in place when you request your wedding license.  Here is your checklist, the bride and groom must have:

► Photo ID -  Drivers License, Passport Military ID etc
► Proof of Age - Birth certificates or 2 other forms of ID with your date of birth on them.
    ie: Military ID, State or Federal ID etc 
Social Security Cards (unless from a foreign country)
► Divorce papers are required if either party was married before. 
► A death certificate is required if either party is widowed.
 Health requirements – Blood tests and physical exams are not required in the state of New Jersey. This is a recent change in the last few years!
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Apply for a Marriage License / Civil Union License, If the bride and groom (or domestic partners**) live in New Jersey, you can apply for the license in the New Jersey municipality or town where either the bride or groom resides.  It is valid for a marriage ceremony anywhere within the state of New Jersey for 30 days.  (**Note domestic partners apply for a civil union license, not a marriage license)  Click here for official forms pertaining to your marriage license!

Out of State Requirements - If both the bride and groom are from out-of-state, apply for the license in the town where you wish to be married. ie: Atlantic City

Marriage license timeline, when should you apply? Apply for your marriage license, in-person, within 30 days of your wedding date.  After applying for your license, there is a 3 day waiting period (72 hrs) before you can be married. (ie. If you want to get married in Atlantic City next weekend and both parties are from out-of-state, apply for the license the weekend before. The bride and groom must both be present to apply for a license along with a witness who is 18 or older.  The License is only valid for 30 days.

After the 72 hour waiting period you can either pick up your license in person or if you wish to have the marriage license mailed to you, fill out that paperwork at the same time you apply for your license.  Be aware that ceremony officials are not allowed to pick up the license for you in many NJ municipalities. Atlantic City Wedding Tips!

Underage Marriage requirements – anyone who wishes to marry or enter a civil union who is under age 18 needs parental consent and signed papers from both parents.  Call the local Town Clerk or Registrar from the city you wish to be married for the papers required to be signed and for more information.

Civil Union requirements – Same as for a married couple but you’re applying for a different license and some of the paperwork required differs (ie. – if in a previous civil union, civil annulment documentation).  See also the State of New Jersey website for more info - How to Apply for Civil Union License.

Marriage License Fees / Civil Union Fees – The fee to apply for a marriage license is currently $28.  (NJ Marriage license fee subject to change without notice).

Once the ceremony is complete, file the wedding license - the minister or person who performed your ceremony, should file the marriage license with the registrar in the municipality where the ceremony was performed within 5 days of the wedding. Be sure to request confirmation that your license has been filed.

Atlantic City Bachelor and Bachellorette Party Tips - Atlantic City has become one of the hottest places on the East Coast to have a bachelor or bachelorette party, great nightclubs and bars, fabulous restaurants, shopping, golf, spa's, beach bars, male reviews, strip clubs etc.  What else could you ask for?  We have a planner on staff that will help plan your entire party.  Click here and fill the appropriate group request form and we'll get back to you very quickly! Group Desk or book your Hotel Room Online. AC Bachelorette Party Tips  >>  AC Bachelor Party Tips

We hope the information we provided you will help to shed some light on your Atlantic City Wedding planning experience, from marriage licenses and civil unions to hotels and casinos we shared the complete step by step process!  Thanks and God Bless!


Atlantic City Weddings

Atlantic City Weddings

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