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Atlantic City Tipping Guide

Do you know how much you should tip service provider in the Atlantic City Casinos? When traveling to Atlantic City, it's a good idea to keep these simple tipping guidelines in your mind.  Many visitors may not be aware that certain employees make there living receiving tips and make a very small hourly rate or salary. In addition, you may be able to get a better room, faster service and more VIP benefits you were not aware of.  I hope this guide to tipping will remove some anxiety from your next trip to Atlantic City’s casinos.

Quick Guide to Tipping in Atlantic City Casinos

Doorman Cocktail Waitress Room Service
Front Desk Clerk Bartender Taxi Driver
Bellman / Bell Hop Restaurant Waiter / Waitress Dealers
Valet Parker Maids Concierge


1. Doorman There are two situations you may come in contact with the doorman. a. Upon arrival to the hotel in Valet Parking.  He will give you your Valet Parking Ticket and will remove your bags from your car, then tag them and then pass along to the bellman for delivery to your room. b. The next is when he hails a taxi for you.

Typical Tip: a. $1- $2 per bag, more for heavy & large bags.  B. $1 - $2 each time.

Doorman Income Details:
Base Pay per Hour: $11.00
Tips per Hour: $4.90  
Percent of Total Hourly Income in Tips: 31%


2. Front Desk Clerk Upon arrival at the Front Desk it’s not required to tip, however, if you want a Room Upgrade, try this: Put a $20 bill between your ID and your credit card, then, casually ask if there are any complimentary or free upgrades available. Just in case, most front desk staff reportedly will give you the $20 back if they can't do an upgrade. It's worth a shot at a suite or nicer room!

Typical Tip: $20 for Room Upgrade

3. Bellman / Bell Hop - In this day and age of rolling suite cases, Bellman are taking the hit financially.  However, if you require that the bellman bring your luggage to your room or from the room downstairs at check out, use the following tipping guideline.

Typical Tip: $1- $2 per page, more for heavy and oversized bags $2 minimum.

4. Valet Parking Each time the valet brings your car around you should tip him.  The funny thing is, the dollar amount they receive hasn't changed in 25 years.  These employees actually work pretty hard, as long as the care arrives quickly and in the same condition you arrived in use the following tipping patterns.

Typical Tip: $2 Minimum $5 or more for luxury cars.

Valet Parking Base Pay per Hour: $8.00
Tips per Hour: $3.70
Percent of Total Hourly Income in Tip: 28%

5. Cocktail Waitress Casino Floor This is an easy one, hopefully you have a waitress that passes by often and is willing to find you if you move slot machines or tables, these "Eagles" may deserve more.

Typical Tip: $1 per round $2 for Eagles. (after all it is free.)

6. Bartender The reality is, we all tend to get a little more generous as the night goes on, that bodes well for your bartender as he or she makes the majority of his or her income from the extra dollars we place on the bar as a tip.

Typical Tip: $1 per round or 10% - 15% of total bill.

Bartender Base Pay per Hour: $7.00
Tips per Hour: $10.30
Percent of Total Hourly Income in Tips: 57%

7. Restaurant Waiter / Waitress This is an important one, these service providers make the least per hour and rely the most on tips of any other Atlantic City Casino Employee.  As per normal, if you get an "Eagle" tip them better than a run of the mill server.

Typical Tip: 15% Coffee shops and deli's - 20% Fine dining restaurants.

Waiter Base Pay per Hour: $4.60
Tips per Hour: $9.90
Percent of Total Hourly Income in Tips: 68%

8. Maids / Housekeeping This is a service provider often overlooked by the standard hotel guest.  It's a tough job, so give your maid a little something for the effort, after all, it's a dirt job but someone has to do it. Be sure to place enveloped marked Maid.

Typical Tip: $1 per night is standard and appreciated, $2 per night if you create a larger than normal mess.

9. Room Service In most cases the tip may already be included as they have been stiffed once too many times.  So look at the check closely to make sure either way that the tip is included.  If not we recommend the following gratuity.

Typical Tip: 15% of total check (Don't forget they have to come around pick up trays left outside your door as well.)

10. Taxi Cab Driver Atlantic City isn't that large so, most all cab rides are 10 minutes or less door to door.  Of course if your on a tight schedule and the cab driver buzz's in and out of traffic a more deserving tip is warranted.  Here's the basic tipping policy for cab Drivers. Atlantic City Airport Hotels

Typical Tip: $2 for short trips and 15% for elite cab driver.

You may come in contact with one of these service providers as well during your stay in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  Here is a quick tipping guide to some key service providers that can make a difference on your vacation. 

Dealers - General philosophy is $5 for each hour your at a table. (More when you win!)

Concierge $5 per reservation or service, more for multiple service arrangements.

Massage Therapist - 10% - 20% for all massage and wellness treatments.

Hairstylist - Generally 15%   Includes: Nails, Pedicures and other similar services.

Wine Steward - 15% - 20% of wine bill.  Should really know his wines.

Limo Drivers - $5 for short rides $20 for long rides.  Should also provide information.

Rolling Chair Attendant - Located on the boardwalk, generally $2 - $5 is a fair gratuity.

Musician / Singer - Enjoyable music and entertainment $5 for the night, more for song requests or dedications.

Slot Attendants, Keno Runners, Change Person - $1 - $5 during your play, more if you hit a Jackpot.

Complete Guide to Tipping in Atlantic City's Hotels and Casinos  

Quick Tipping Guide

Front Desk $20 to get a room upgrade
Cocktail Waitresses $1 per drink.
Dealers $5 per hr.
Slot Attendants (hand pay outs) 0.5% to 1%
Taxi Drivers 15%
Valet Parking $2 -$5 on pickup
Doorman $1 per bag
Maids $1-2per day
Bellman $1 per bag
Restaurant Servers 15% of pre-tax check total

Atlantic CityTipping Guide
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Atlantic City Tipping Guide

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